Month: January 2017

The Moon & Sun 

​I twirl in this endless symphony of pain and torment. 
I stay paralyzed by the brink of the lake;

The stars my audience, as I cry a song just for the Moon to hear. 

My hands against the dirt;
My eyes watching the water still;
A silence…the cold and damp kiss my face.
My shattered heart–seeds to feed the next spring flowers, as I wilt away in the shadows.
A loneliness;  innocence destroyed by the hands of a Knight.

Dawn approaches;
Fire takes over me,  reaching to the strands of my hair.
The Sun with it’s melody of strength;
Calls to me; whispering to the flowers to help lift me from the ground.
The spirit entering through my feet;
I twirl away from the lake reborn
With scars I where as wings.
For you no longer have me;
I am free 


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