Accept what has been done

What does it mean to be broken?

It means to sit in your emotions; no matter how ugly they are, or how terrible it feels. To own them, because they belong to you. So, that you can embrace them, heal them, and then let them go.

Being broken is cuddling those emotions caused by others and changing them into pieces that fit into you; to make you stronger– not fearful, but wise. Your scars are not to make you hide from the world, or to be afraid of others, but as a reminder that you’ve endured and you came out as a warrior. Wear those scars proud! For you have slain every negative emotion you could’ve chosen to be consumed by.

Hold not anger to those you feel have broken you, for they themselves are the ones who are broken, but unlike you, choose to be fixed. They are afraid and consumed by their own negative emotions, and as that famous saying goes, “Misery seeks company.”

Being broken is not being afraid to take your path alone and outgrow those who chose to stay behind. It is using your injuries to become who you were always meant to be. It is fuel! Fuel to fill in the cracks with self-love!

Being broken is just the beginning of your transformation!

Don’t be afraid to love again

Don’t be afraid to trust again

Don’t say, “Because I’ve been hurt in the past.”

Accept what has been done, not because it was the right, but because with accepting what was done to you, you can move on, and the relationships of the future won’t suffer because of it. Acceptance doesn’t have to be weakness, but like being broken, it is motivation to be a better version of ourselves.

So! So what you’re broken! Embrace them and break through the darkness!

For even if you’re at your lowest, the only way is up!

Take comfort that you are not alone, but take pride that you are one of the few that will rise from the ashes that were left of the old you.

Embrace your path

Embrace your Transformation



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