The God that I Love Is Not

The God that I love; his will stems from love. I don’t fear him, but respect him. If he is our father, why should we fear him? When does unconditional love entitle us to feel fear? I refuse to believe that God would toss his children into the flames. When we do that all by ourselves with the actions we commit to our fellow man. We ourselves are self- damaging.

If we are supposed to be made in his image, shouldn’t everything be from a place of unconditional love and free of judgment?

In church, when I hear them speak about God, they make him sound like a scary (if I don’t get my way I’ll burn you) cruel God. How can they make him sound like such an intolerable force? When tolerance is where empathy stems from, and within empathy is understanding. I refuse to believe that He could be cruel, and only loving when you blindly follow him like a sheep.

The love of a parent is accepting ,even if the lifestyle and belief is different from yours, because if your love comes with conditions, then it really isn’t pure love, now is it? So how can God not accept all, even if they don’t all follow the “rules”?

I believe he is a lot more kinder, loving, and understanding than humans make him appear to be. The ones who are wrong here are humans and their fear. With fear comes judgment, and cruelty of anything different from what they think. Those who accuse with certainty are the ones who are wrong. Those who use sacred text to install fear are wrong. Those who choose to interpret what they read to scream out judgement are the ones that are wrong.

God is unconditional, and those who shed out conditions need to research the true definition of unconditional.


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