What We Think–Becomes. Manifesting In Your Daily Life!

Manifestation post

What is manifestation?

In short, it is the embodiment of our thoughts: What we think; becomes.
Some people can manifest things strongly and quickly than others. However, what we all have in common is the power we put into “negative manifestations”.
When we’re having a “bad day”, haven’t you noticed that “bad” things, after “bad” things keep happening? Why? That’s because when the first bad thing happens, we choose to feed into it. Now, at first it doesn’t feel like a choice we’ve made, but that’s because we’re human and it’s hard for us to accept that we’re responsible for most of the things that happen to us. But…everything is a choice; we not only manifest, but we feed into them too.

Like all things there is a solution!

When we practice on taking a moment to redirect our thoughts and what we want to embody in our day, you will be able to feel the shift. A change that will feel more positive with a sense of relief from negativity and negative occurrences.

Tips On Manifesting Your Thoughts!

When you wake up think about what you want to manifest in your day.
  • Feel and Believe as if its already happened. Look in the mirror and BELIEVE that you are Happy! Believe that you are having a wonderful day.
  • Feel Loved! Feel and Believe that you love yourself, and that everyone around you loves you back.
  • Be Grateful! The feeling of gratitude is a very powerful vibration that is recorded very intensely in the universe .

Manifestation is the idea that you are already living it!

For those who love to pray

Manifestations in prayer are very powerful, but you must know how to manifest in prayer.
For example, If someone you know is sick (as you pray for them) do not picture them in the state that they are currently in, and asking for their health. On the contrary, when you pray for their health, picture them healthy, happy, and cured! Same goes for whatever you want to manifest in prayer.

Manifestation & Action

Now, yes, belief is behind everything you do in life in order for it to be successful, but the other important ingredient to manifesting is…you guessed it–Action!
Ever heard that expression, “No opportunity will come knocking at your door?” Well, they’re right!
When manifesting not only do you believe it, but you must act on it as well.
For example, If you’re manifesting on finding a new job and getting hired, not only do you believe that you will get hired, but you must take action: building and sending out resumes, filling out applications. You must be active on helping the universe carry out its power. Nothing can happen without you. This theory is everywhere even in religion, hence the saying, “God helps those, who help themselves!” You must partake in your manifestation by committing action!

Level of Difficulty:

It is easier said than done! Only because we are creatures of habit, and when you’ve followed a LONG path of negativity. It can be difficult to completely shift ones thoughts into positive ones, over long period of time. Goes without saying, you are allowed for bad days, cause heck we’re only human, but I urge you that let the positive be more powerful than the negative. Let their be more positive occurrences than negative.
To open yourself to this perspective I would recommend watching the documentary or reading the book: The Secret
This is a great way of opening your mind to this philosophy!
Everything in this life takes a certain level of dedication and changing your life into a more positive one takes discipline. We are fascinating creatures and we can obtain pretty much anything we set our minds to. So it begs the question:
What are you waiting for?

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