Certainty, Judgment, & Fear

All judgment and ignorance all stems from one place–fear. The biggest ignorance of all is certainty. Nothing is certain, because nothing can be proven until you’ve experienced it. All we have is belief and even that can be dissected. And from this deep seeded uncertainty, comes great fear. But for those that can’t cope with fear and uncertainty. They proclaim to be certain and in turn point fingers. Trying to save others doesn’t guarantee that you will be saved. Save others because it stems from a place of love; not fear of erasing all the things that you’ve done. All things should stem from love, and love does not birth fear, judgment, nor intolerance. There is no point in getting angry when someone passes judgment on you. All you should really feel is sadness, because that person constantly lives in fear both consciously and subconsciously. When you view things from a true place of love, you embrace all, and in turn a place of understanding. And when you truly understand, that is where you are whole, because you have gained everything that others have not. That my dearest friends is called Empathy.


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