The Ghost Town Chap. 1–By Jennarose Weil 4th grade

It all began the year 2027. My friends joined me for an adventure to ghost town. My four friends were Itzy, Jesiah, Liza, and of course Berince.

I loved all of my friends…

I was 19, and my friends and I decided to take a road trip. Jesiah drove because he was the only one with the license. We got into the car, and drove to a place called ChurchVille, California. When we arrived it was empty. The bench chairs were old, and the stairs to a church were wrecked. We sat down and someone spooked us. He was an old man with grat hair. His clothing was those of a priest. We asked his name, but he did not answer. Instead he answered in Morse Code.

“I got this, guys!” I said.

So I listened to his tapping. I told my friends, “He said ‘come to ghost town'” I was confused and so were my friends. Jesiah said, “I think he meant to say ‘welcome to ghost town’.”

The sun went down as we sat in the old church. It was scary and old. We heard a sound, we all looked at each other, because we were the only ones there…


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