Ode To Mom

Ode to Mom Photo

What does your mom mean to you?

For me, my mom is the definition of unconditional love.

The warrior that has taught me to rise up against every adversity;

To turn my failures into success.

To embrace my flaws and accept them as strengths –wholeheartedly.

What do your mom mean to you?

Is it the never-ending guidance you receive, whether you want it or not?

Is it the sacrifice to help you even if she’s sick?

My mom has taught me to survive.

She has taught me empathy; that it is much more important to be human,

as it is to be humane.

She has taught me faith and optimism; even with so many things against her, she always rose from the ground.

And that was only if you were aware long enough to see her down.

She has shown me family isn’t always blood, but in every action you do.

That I can always prevail.

What does your mom mean to you?

Is it the words of strength, when you’re feeling down?

Is it the daily coffee she makes?

Or being served Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner all in one sitting?

Is it the knowledge of who your friends are or not?

My mom is beyond the definition of love, but not because it is innate, but because it was her choice.

I’ve had always wondered what my mom truly thinks of me, but I realized that I had the answer all along.

It is how she taught me to perceive myself!

This is my Ode to my mom…


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