Month: May 2017

Do You Dare 

As I’ve been on my spiritual path;  engaging in Kundalini and meditating practically every night, a lot of things have been made clear for me. I find myself wanting a lot more peace. Yes, I am aware that life can throw you lemons, but I can assure you I fucking prefer lemonade, than someone’s senseless drama. 

I have realized more and more, with each passing day I feel more free. As in “running through the woods naked” free–untamed, unfiltered. Wild like fire and tumultuous like the sea. The place I moved to; within myself is a good place for me. The mere thought of restriction ignites me to rebel and further dive myself in my path. 

I am gaining ground everyday and I will challenge anyone who tries to interfere with me and my path. I will preserve my peace and my souls light survival. Traveling the path of awareness acquires great sacrifice, and the shedding of the multiple skins people think you should wear. 

Do you dare to strip yourself? 

Be fearless 

You’ll be surprised who you find inside you. 

Love & Light. 💙🔥💙


Fire of my Soul

My love stems from the fire of my soul

Blooming within me the petals of compassion

My laughter carries the notes of abundance;

Not of things, but of courage!

Stare into my eyes and there you will find;

Where my light was born.

My feet rooted into the ground;

The energy aspiring from my base.

I curl my arms to embrace you;

To bestow your forgotten grace.

My spirit reaches deep inside you;

Stripping you of all your woes.

You drink from my cupped hands;

Filled with my tears—I smile!

How does my empathy taste?

For like all love

Love stems from a greater place

Waiting to be born from within you

I awaken your consciousness by kissing you on

Your face.