Month: June 2017

Diary of a psychic #062717

Days after readings or sometimes even after a reading, I sit and think about the stuff I see. What I told the querent, what I didn’t tell the querent. How “seeing” is a blessing and a curse. How sometimes you can see things you don’t really want to see. But somehow it keeps you there, like you’re bounded by this path. For me it feels like I’m welded into this path. There are things you’re not allowed to say, even if your human mind thinks you should. Sometimes people forget you’re human and that you don’t hold the vision of God or Satan depending what perspective you have on psychics as you’re reading this. The bar is set high for us, but as every psychic should know, we accept we’re human, even if you don’t see us as such. One thing psychics do prove is– free will. For no matter how much advice you give to the querents, they still do what they think is right. You can say, “I see your house is on fire, do not go there!” They’ll agree and confirm that you’re correct, but then you see them uploading pictures of them in the burning house! I accept this because they’re all human, and the majority of us must learn the hard way. One thing you can’t take away is the gratitude. The ones looking for answers. The tormented, the suffering,  the ones trying to find their way in the dark. They make this vision worthwhile.