Into the Dark episode 2

Into the Dark Episode 2

The radio fell from her grip. She looked at Helen who had also heard the news. With tears in her eyes, she looked down at her hands. They were still trembling and hadn’t noticed her body shaking until Helen’s embrace stopped her.

Helen: Oh honey, I’m sorry.

Jane felt her face heavy with sadness, her tears distorted her vision.

Jane: How did he know? I just don’t understand.

Helen helped her to her feet and she straightened out her clothing.

Helen: Come on hun. Let’s get you home.

They heard a wail come from the hallway. Helen and Jane looked at each other as the father of the victim walked in with anger as his courage.

Mr. Greene: You just couldn’t get to her quick enough?! What good of a psychic are you if you can’t save them?!

Jane could see the father’s sadness; his agony stabbing his chest. She didn’t know what to tell him. She thought how anyone could cope with the loss of a child.

Jane: I’m so sorry Mr. Greene. I –I tried to—

Mr. Greene: You shouldn’t give anyone hope if you can’t save them!!

Helen: Hey! Back off! Where were you when she was trying to find your daughter? You didn’t do any be—

Jane: (whispering) Helen no.

She knew what Helen said bought his spirit to his knees.

Jane: My condolences to you and your family. I’m so so sorry.

She walked down the hallway and saw the police trying to comfort the wailing mother. With the eyes of disbelief hacking her down, Jane tried to avoid their eyes. Helen walked beside her, guiding her out of the precinct. As they approached the main entrance, John walked in with a sad expression on his face. She couldn’t look at him in the eye.

John: Ja—

Without looking at him she spoke softly.

Jane: I’m sorry, I can’t.

She walked out and could hear him calling her name.


They sat together in the car and she handed her the blade.

Helen: Jane, don’t do this.

Jane: You know I have to.

Helen: But why?

Jane turned her back to Helen and exposed her shoulder. On the left side of her shoulder stood scars for every victim she couldn’t save—all twenty one of them. Helen held the blade in her hand. Jane could hear the nervousness in her voice.

Helen: You saved a lot of people. Don’t they count?

Jane: It’s enough they are alive and well.

Helen: So don’t do this to yourself.

Jane needed to feel the pain, to remember them; to look at herself and think of every victim. She remembered all of their names. She turned around and looked at Helen. She could sense her worry. She took the blade away and hugged her.

Jane: It’s okay. You don’t have to do it. I’m sorry for asking.

She was glad she met Helen. She never would’ve thought she would have had a friend like her.

Helen: I owe you my happiness.

Jane: No Hel—

Helen: No. I do, and because of that I would do anything for you, but hun, I just can’t do this.

Jane remembered the day she met her; she felt her pocket vibrate.

Jane: (looking at screen) It’s John.

Helen: That Sheriff cutie sure is persistent.

Jane smiled, but sent the call straight to voicemail. He called five seconds after and she pressed the end button.

Jane: Please take me home.


They pulled up to her house. She loved her house; a Georgian colonial home of white and gray. She felt safe, especially inside with her fiancé. She was looking forward to seeing him; with the day she was having.

Helen: Here we are hun.

Jane: (gives kiss on cheek) See you Elle.

She got out of the car and walked towards the house. Her spirit felt like she was running although she was only walking. She turned her key and walked in. She fell to her knees crying.

Fiancé: Jane? Are you home?

She couldn’t answer with the knot in her throat. The effort to speak was painful like scraping against glass.

Jane: Da-vid I-I’m here.

She saw him walk in from the sitting area and she could tell by his face he knew what was wrong. He grabbed her hands and lifted her up. He touched her face, kissed, and hugged her.

David: I’m so sorry babe. I know how much they mean to you. Did you do it yet?

Jane: No.

David: I’ll do it.

She handed him the blade and they walked up to their bedroom.


She sat on the edge of the bed and took off her shirt. He sat beside her as she turned her back towards him.

David: You ready?

Jane: (whispering) Yea.

He made a small cut, but deep enough to make it scar. She winced from the pain, but thought of Rebecca Greene and her missing person’s photo. She felt him dab the cut with peroxide.

Jane: Why do you always do that?

David: People have died over smaller injuries.

Jane: (chuckles) Okay.

She felt him kiss her neck and turned her face to kiss her mouth. She always melted when he kissed her. She kissed him back with every passion she had for him. He kissed her body from her neck to between her legs. He knew exactly where to put his mouth. He caressed her body and the sensations she felt were unexplainable. His thrusts were passionate and intense. She could feel herself build up her release. She put her arms around his back and felt him go deeper and harder. He made her moan with intense pleasure.

Jane: I’m cumming baby.

He went faster until they both released together. Every time she had an orgasm, she felt like she was high. Her body felt like she was having an outer body experience. She smiled at him and kissed him on the lips. She felt the moisture of his sweat and pressed her lips together.


She opened her eyes and realized she’d fallen asleep. It was dark when she looked at the clock: 9:00 p.m. She squinted as she looked at her phone and saw ten missed calls from Sheriff John. She realized her bed was empty and called out to David.

Jane: David?

She heard someone walking, but got no answer. She got up and put on her amethyst silk robe, and her slippers. She felt odd and scared. She walked slowly to the door and called out to David again.

Jane: David? What are you doing?

Still, she received no response. She felt uncomfortable and stood in the middle of the door. She heard a whisper behind her and jolted around, but the room was still empty. She turned to the door to see a dull gray skinned girl with soaked brown hair covering her face. Decorated with autumn leaves, her hair was full of debris that seemed to have come from a river. Her curls were dripping wet and was staining the carpet. Jane realized that the girl had no pants on. She had a red and white pinstripe shirt marked with blood stains. On the left side of her shirt a rectangular name-tag said: Hi my name is Jennifer. Jane stood staring at the girl. She extended her hand to reach out to her.

Jane: J-Jennifer?

The girl suddenly looked up and had gashes across her face and behind her stood a tall man dressed in black. The same person she saw through Rebecca’s eyes and who knew she was watching.

Jennifer: Save me.

Jane screamed.


David: Honey wake up!

She opened her eyes and saw David shaking her. She looked up and saw that it was still daylight outside.

David: You were screaming. Are you alright?

Jane: He killed another girl.

How do you want to be loved?

You ask, “How do you want to be loved?”

I say, “kiss me; tell me I’m better than wine.

To hold my heart as if it were an egg

touch me so I know that you’re mine

Make my body immortalize your name.”

How do you want to be loved?

You ask with such worry on your lips

I say, “I want to live forever in your arms

and die at the same time by your kiss.”

“Heal my scars.”, I say.

“Show me that true love is kind;

that the hours are not met with decay

Tell me all you need is my time.”

I ask, “Can you ever love me this way?”

Face held as I am crying

“I will love you forever.”, he said.

“Or I will die trying.”


I sit beside you and I can smell your scent.

I taste it on my lips like vanilla oil from my lip balm.

I breathe you in and my heart races.

I can close my eyes and picture every line on your body– a map I have studied with great detail.

I can stare at you for hours like a painting with a secret message;

Your movement excites my every passion.

How a simple gesture softens my heart– a wall that crumbles with a kiss.

Your essence whispers to my soul and inspires it to live;

your love, my true immortality of war and bliss.

A writer’s invitation

My daughter’s school invited me to speak for author’s month. How cool is that!? I must admit it felt good to be considered, but highly uncomfortable. In more or less words they told me that I could be a role model to the children and to the community. That I can show the children it is not impossible to live their dreams. Why was it uncomfortable? Well, because I had never seen it that way. I just love to write. I published because I wanted to be an author and wanted to share my stories with others. To possibly offer some escape or entertainment for people, the way books provided the same for me. I appreciate the opportunity to speak to the kids, and I would like to go every year. I hope not to bore them to death and give them the confidence to pursue their dreams. Even if they completely forget what I tell them– I know I won’t.

Into the Dark episode 1

Jane stood in the center of the room sitting in a large dark-brown chair. She sat there with her eyes closed breathing softly and steadily. She could feel their eyes watching her. Her best friend Helen stood by her in a steel chair, holding her hand. She could still see Helen with her eyes closed; with her blonde ash hair and soft green eyes. The Sheriff and his colleagues stood in the room chattering as she tried to focus.

Helen: Hey guys? I need you to be quiet.

Most of the cops walked out with skepticism patting them on their shoulder. Jane remained focused as it became dark, like a cloak covering her eyes. Suddenly, like driving down a highway, flashing scenes appeared. She felt like she was flying and could feel her heart soar.

Jane was looking for Rebecca Greene, a girl abducted on her way from campus. As the scenes went faster, she darted through this channel between herself and the girl until she saw Rebecca running. She was dirty, clothes torn, and barefooted. She constantly looked behind her; she knew someone was chasing her. Surrounded by trees and paths full of rocks she ran.

Helen: What do you see?

Jane: I-I can’t tell. I’m in some sort of wooded area. There’s a lot of trees and rocks. It’s hard to tell what’s in front of me.

It had rained recently; the ground was wet and muddy. Jane could feel the humidity in the air. The link between her and Rebecca wasn’t strong, so it was hard to get an exact location, but she could feel the girl’s emotions and see through her eyes.

Helen: Do you hear anything? Cars? People?

Jane: I hear water, but can’t tell which way! Her heart is racing.

Helen: Could you tell us where she is?

Jane: No. She’s just running. I hear water in all directions! Her breathing is shaky and hard. She’s panting.

Helen: You’re doing great Jane just focus.

The sky painted blue with streaks of orange, Jane knew that nightfall was coming. There was a sound behind them and Rebecca started to run faster. She could feel the pain of the rocks jabbing into her feet.

Jane: There’s someone chasing us!

She couldn’t help but include herself. The emotions she felt were real.

Helen: Can you see who?

Jane: No!

She ran to a cluster of rocks that had graffiti with the marking A-24. She crouched, hidden from whoever was chasing them. She could still hear the water and Rebecca’s heart beating loudly in her ears.

Jane: I’m hiding. I’m waiting.

Helen: Where are you now?

Jane: I a–am by a big rock that says A-24.

In the precinct, the sheriff of Coreham County startled by what Jane said looked at Helen.

Sheriff Woodland: She said A-24?

Helen nodded, still holding Jane’s hand. Sheriff Woodland took out his map scanning it hurriedly. He tapped the map hard with his finger.

Sheriff Woodland: I found it! It’s up in Cold Haven trail!

He took his radio and called it in. He stood staring at Jane in her meditative state in disbelief.

Sheriff Woodland: I want all units to head up to Cold Haven trail: marking A-24. The suspect armed and dangerous!

Helen: They’re going for her Jane! What else do you see?

Jane looked around, she couldn’t see or hear anything but water. She crouched out of her hiding place and suddenly heard a branch snap. The sound gave her chills. She looked around with fear an uneasiness that made her skin crawl. As she started to run, she bumped into a man who grabbed her around the neck. Jane started to gasp for air.

Helen: Jane! Jane! What’s wrong?!

She could feel Rebecca trying to fight him back, but his grip was too strong. Jane couldn’t see his face; the fear blinded her. He slammed her on the floor and choked her harder. Rebecca waved her hands around trying to grab  his face, but couldn’t. Time stood still when he brought his lips to her ears and whispered.

Unknown: Go back to where you came from.

Like a bullet, she fell back to the floor with the arm-chair catching her fall.

Helen: Jane! What happened?!

Jane mind was racing. How did he know? How did he know she was watching?

Jane: He knew.

Helen: That’s impossib—

Jane: He knew. I don’t know how, but he knew.

Helen: Here, drink some water.

Jane: No give me the radio.

Helen handed her the radio. Channeled to the Sheriff’s, She held the button, her hands were shaking.

Jane: Sheriff…?

Sheriff: (over radio) Yea?

Jane: Please hurry! She’s still alive!


John made his way to the Cold Haven trail hoping to get there in time. He couldn’t believe he was after the clues given by a psychic. He didn’t believe in all that supernatural stuff, but was willing to try. It was better than not trying at all. He and five units sped to the trail, their sirens echoing through the woods. They all stopped near the sign where three cop cars were already blocking the trail entrance that said: Cold Haven. They got out of their vehicles and ran to the site where A-24 stood.

John was out of breath as he searched for the rock Jane mentioned. He walked; startled when they called him over the radio.

Cop: (over radio) Sheriff we found something.

Sheriff John: I am on my way.

He rushed and in five minutes saw three cops looking down. He saw something on the ground, but was too far away to tell. He knew, he felt it in his stomach. He walked up to where they were standing and saw Rebecca Greene.

Sheriff John:(over radio) Jane?

Jane: (over radio) yea?

Sheriff John: We were too late.

He climbed up the small hill and was able to see the Quajil river.

John: (thinking) water.

My New Love

My new love embraces me with the freedom to speak.

The words just roll off my tongue.

It ignites in me a fiery passionate unparalleled to the sun.

It takes my pain and allows me to breathe.

It unburdened me; removes the clasp of hurt off the edges of my heart.

My emotions become one with it and a sense of liberation is at hand.

Such a strong bond created when I decided to rely on it; to save me; to comfort me.

The consolation I have always sought; I have finally found it.

Who knew it was there all along. Just waiting for me to realize it was always there.

Even when I have nothing else, it is there.

Lying in wait—patiently.

My dream; my writing.