Fire of my Soul

My love stems from the fire of my soul

Blooming within me the petals of compassion

My laughter carries the notes of abundance;

Not of things, but of courage!

Stare into my eyes and there you will find;

Where my light was born.

My feet rooted into the ground;

The energy aspiring from my base.

I curl my arms to embrace you;

To bestow your forgotten grace.

My spirit reaches deep inside you;

Stripping you of all your woes.

You drink from my cupped hands;

Filled with my tears—I smile!

How does my empathy taste?

For like all love

Love stems from a greater place

Waiting to be born from within you

I awaken your consciousness by kissing you on

Your face.


Card Reveal 

1. Cordeila (Go outside): “you have been indoors too long. Go outside and get some fresh air. ”
This card can mean your manifestation will appear in May and/or when the weather is warmer. Another meaning: you may need to spend time in nature to replenish yourself. •May also mean you need to recognize the need for balance in your life– maybe even more rest and play. •To engage practice environmentalism!

2.Isolt (Undying Love): “The love you shared is eternal, regardless of the situation. ”
This card meaning: love from your romantic partner is eternal •You’re either healing from a break up.  •You’re healing from a loss •Let go of an old relationship to make room for a new one•The love that you send into the world is an important part of your divine purpose • Your deceased loved one is happy and sends you love.

3.Aine (Leap of Faith) : “Take a risk, and put your heart’s true desire into action! ”
This card meaning: Your dream will come true• Your chosen path is the right one for you• Heaven supports you fully on your mission• Your material needs will be taken care of •Take action steps toward the realization of your dream.•

4. Mother Mary (Expect a Miracle) : “Have faith that your prayers have been answered. ”
This card meaning: Let go of worrisome thoughts• Keep your thoughts positive • Notice and follow any divine guidance you may receive • Pray• Engage in spiritual healing. 


reencarncion post

En realidad, yo te amo con todo mi corazon. Si poderia predestinar mi reencarncion, siempre voy a ponerme el mision al buscarte en cada vida que vivo.  Y con el simple hecho que ahora en esta vida estoy contigo, es evidenica que al hora despues que morir, yo empeze a planaer mi proximo vida y fuiste la primer nombre que escribi no solo en mi corazon, pero en mi alma.

Ode To Mom

Ode to Mom Photo

What does your mom mean to you?

For me, my mom is the definition of unconditional love.

The warrior that has taught me to rise up against every adversity;

To turn my failures into success.

To embrace my flaws and accept them as strengths –wholeheartedly.

What do your mom mean to you?

Is it the never-ending guidance you receive, whether you want it or not?

Is it the sacrifice to help you even if she’s sick?

My mom has taught me to survive.

She has taught me empathy; that it is much more important to be human,

as it is to be humane.

She has taught me faith and optimism; even with so many things against her, she always rose from the ground.

And that was only if you were aware long enough to see her down.

She has shown me family isn’t always blood, but in every action you do.

That I can always prevail.

What does your mom mean to you?

Is it the words of strength, when you’re feeling down?

Is it the daily coffee she makes?

Or being served Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner all in one sitting?

Is it the knowledge of who your friends are or not?

My mom is beyond the definition of love, but not because it is innate, but because it was her choice.

I’ve had always wondered what my mom truly thinks of me, but I realized that I had the answer all along.

It is how she taught me to perceive myself!

This is my Ode to my mom…

My 3 Day Kundalini Experience

Kundalini Post

Ever since the discovery of my spirit animal, I have been experiencing a lot of synchronicities. Upon research and confirmations, it had all led to the message of ‘Kundalini Awakening’.

For at least two months, I had been experiencing a vibration in the center where your third eye should be located. I experienced it, but never had taken the time to find out what it meant.

Three days ago, I had finally decided to go on a search for kundalini videos that can help me start this path. As I was watching a video on the dangers and safety of Kundalini, on the corner of the page was a video that said, ‘signs of Kundalini Awakening’. I clicked on it, the first sign that was said was a vibration at the location of where the third eye would be. This got me very curious, so I attempted my first kundalini awakening meditation, which the duration of only 3 minutes! This may seem like barely anything at all, but I can ensure you, those 3 minutes are worth everything.

Day 1: 03/14

As I practiced the Kundalini chanting on the contracting of the stomach ‘Set’ & releasing with the word ‘Nom’, I felt this immense heat rise from the bottom of my spine climb its way up to my head. So hot, that I literally broke into a sweat. Mind you, this is happening while I was sitting, as what they call the ‘rock pose’(bottom on butt sitting on the heels of your feet) with my arms reaching straight up, spine straight, fingers clasp except for the two index fingers. Chanting ‘Set; Nom’ for three minutes (‘set’ with the contracting of the stomach, and nom for releasing) was incredible. Trying to remain focus while your body goes through this surge of energy is a task, but only because I found it exciting. Afterwards, I downloaded a Kundalini meditative song (which I will talk about in day 3).

Day 2: 03/15

Dedicated on practicing Kundalini, especially since it’ll only take me 3 minutes of my life. I sat on my yoga mat in rock pose and started my chant. This time I felt the heat, but not so intense. However, this time the intensity was laughter! You know the feeling! Where you see something hilariously entertaining, and wondering if it’s appropriate to laugh out loud, and so you try to keep it in… But it’s there right in your chest pushing for it to come out!? That’s exactly how it felt, and I was a keen on keeping this laughter in, because I felt awkward laughing out loud by myself…

But, the energy won. I laughed out loud and soon after felt an amazing emotion of happiness and wholeness.

In those two days, I had also noticed that this practice helps my mind reach to its highest potential intellectually. I also found that my perspective on things and people had changed. Instead of getting annoyed by certain behaviors, I was truly able to see from where that person’s issues were stemming from. Stemming all from a place of understanding.

Day 3: 03/16

On this day, I decided to use the Kundalini meditative sound I had mentioned earlier in day 1. I sat on my bed in the Lotus pose (legs crossed) I put my headphones on and started to listen to this meditative song.

Here is my experience:

As I am listening to the sounds with my eyes closed, I started to see an orange light growing intensely. As I am seeing this color become brighter, I had felt that I needed to contract and release the muscles in my stomach. Once I did this, the color started turning green. As the color became brighter, I felt the need to pick my hands up (as if you’re pushing something away) and as I did this, I imagined myself pushing and deflecting any negativity that may be looming over me. As I did this, I felt the vibration once again at the location of my third eye. This time the vibration was so intense, that it made me slightly nauseous. I ignored that feeling and tried to focus on the light and its purpose. As I thought to myself in releasing this energy, it went dark and then from the corner of my eye; I began to see a white light. As this light started to grow, and the vibration on my third eye was intense. I imagined the energy force (the kundalini) rising from the base of my spine and moving like a snake up to my head, and right before it reached there; I lifted my arms up with fingers clasped except the index, and imagined the Kundalini reaching to the tip of my index fingers.

When I allowed this energy flow, suddenly, a gold whitish light started flashing. As it picked up in speed, I felt my body moving in circles. I can only describe it like a human pendulum. I had stopped this motion, but it didn’t feel natural, and I figured it was defeating the purpose. So, I let this need to control go and let myself move in circles. To me, I had felt I was in this meditative state for at least an hour. However, after looking at my watch, I was only there for 5 minutes! Coming out of this meditative state, my body physically felt I was sitting on my bed for an hour, but as the meditative state worn off, and being that I had kept track of my time; it was only five minutes. Such an amazing experience for 5 minutes!

I love how each time I practice, I receive a different experience, and I am even considering taking classes. I will be doing this practice for 40 days and will be posting my experience.

If anyone tries Kundalini, please share your experience I would love to know!




Certainty, Judgment, & Fear

All judgment and ignorance all stems from one place–fear. The biggest ignorance of all is certainty. Nothing is certain, because nothing can be proven until you’ve experienced it. All we have is belief and even that can be dissected. And from this deep seeded uncertainty, comes great fear. But for those that can’t cope with fear and uncertainty. They proclaim to be certain and in turn point fingers. Trying to save others doesn’t guarantee that you will be saved. Save others because it stems from a place of love; not fear of erasing all the things that you’ve done. All things should stem from love, and love does not birth fear, judgment, nor intolerance. There is no point in getting angry when someone passes judgment on you. All you should really feel is sadness, because that person constantly lives in fear both consciously and subconsciously. When you view things from a true place of love, you embrace all, and in turn a place of understanding. And when you truly understand, that is where you are whole, because you have gained everything that others have not. That my dearest friends is called Empathy.