My 3 Day Kundalini Experience

Kundalini Post

Ever since the discovery of my spirit animal, I have been experiencing a lot of synchronicities. Upon research and confirmations, it had all led to the message of ‘Kundalini Awakening’.

For at least two months, I had been experiencing a vibration in the center where your third eye should be located. I experienced it, but never had taken the time to find out what it meant.

Three days ago, I had finally decided to go on a search for kundalini videos that can help me start this path. As I was watching a video on the dangers and safety of Kundalini, on the corner of the page was a video that said, ‘signs of Kundalini Awakening’. I clicked on it, the first sign that was said was a vibration at the location of where the third eye would be. This got me very curious, so I attempted my first kundalini awakening meditation, which the duration of only 3 minutes! This may seem like barely anything at all, but I can ensure you, those 3 minutes are worth everything.

Day 1: 03/14

As I practiced the Kundalini chanting on the contracting of the stomach ‘Set’ & releasing with the word ‘Nom’, I felt this immense heat rise from the bottom of my spine climb its way up to my head. So hot, that I literally broke into a sweat. Mind you, this is happening while I was sitting, as what they call the ‘rock pose’(bottom on butt sitting on the heels of your feet) with my arms reaching straight up, spine straight, fingers clasp except for the two index fingers. Chanting ‘Set; Nom’ for three minutes (‘set’ with the contracting of the stomach, and nom for releasing) was incredible. Trying to remain focus while your body goes through this surge of energy is a task, but only because I found it exciting. Afterwards, I downloaded a Kundalini meditative song (which I will talk about in day 3).

Day 2: 03/15

Dedicated on practicing Kundalini, especially since it’ll only take me 3 minutes of my life. I sat on my yoga mat in rock pose and started my chant. This time I felt the heat, but not so intense. However, this time the intensity was laughter! You know the feeling! Where you see something hilariously entertaining, and wondering if it’s appropriate to laugh out loud, and so you try to keep it in… But it’s there right in your chest pushing for it to come out!? That’s exactly how it felt, and I was a keen on keeping this laughter in, because I felt awkward laughing out loud by myself…

But, the energy won. I laughed out loud and soon after felt an amazing emotion of happiness and wholeness.

In those two days, I had also noticed that this practice helps my mind reach to its highest potential intellectually. I also found that my perspective on things and people had changed. Instead of getting annoyed by certain behaviors, I was truly able to see from where that person’s issues were stemming from. Stemming all from a place of understanding.

Day 3: 03/16

On this day, I decided to use the Kundalini meditative sound I had mentioned earlier in day 1. I sat on my bed in the Lotus pose (legs crossed) I put my headphones on and started to listen to this meditative song.

Here is my experience:

As I am listening to the sounds with my eyes closed, I started to see an orange light growing intensely. As I am seeing this color become brighter, I had felt that I needed to contract and release the muscles in my stomach. Once I did this, the color started turning green. As the color became brighter, I felt the need to pick my hands up (as if you’re pushing something away) and as I did this, I imagined myself pushing and deflecting any negativity that may be looming over me. As I did this, I felt the vibration once again at the location of my third eye. This time the vibration was so intense, that it made me slightly nauseous. I ignored that feeling and tried to focus on the light and its purpose. As I thought to myself in releasing this energy, it went dark and then from the corner of my eye; I began to see a white light. As this light started to grow, and the vibration on my third eye was intense. I imagined the energy force (the kundalini) rising from the base of my spine and moving like a snake up to my head, and right before it reached there; I lifted my arms up with fingers clasped except the index, and imagined the Kundalini reaching to the tip of my index fingers.

When I allowed this energy flow, suddenly, a gold whitish light started flashing. As it picked up in speed, I felt my body moving in circles. I can only describe it like a human pendulum. I had stopped this motion, but it didn’t feel natural, and I figured it was defeating the purpose. So, I let this need to control go and let myself move in circles. To me, I had felt I was in this meditative state for at least an hour. However, after looking at my watch, I was only there for 5 minutes! Coming out of this meditative state, my body physically felt I was sitting on my bed for an hour, but as the meditative state worn off, and being that I had kept track of my time; it was only five minutes. Such an amazing experience for 5 minutes!

I love how each time I practice, I receive a different experience, and I am even considering taking classes. I will be doing this practice for 40 days and will be posting my experience.

If anyone tries Kundalini, please share your experience I would love to know!




Certainty, Judgment, & Fear

All judgment and ignorance all stems from one place–fear. The biggest ignorance of all is certainty. Nothing is certain, because nothing can be proven until you’ve experienced it. All we have is belief and even that can be dissected. And from this deep seeded uncertainty, comes great fear. But for those that can’t cope with fear and uncertainty. They proclaim to be certain and in turn point fingers. Trying to save others doesn’t guarantee that you will be saved. Save others because it stems from a place of love; not fear of erasing all the things that you’ve done. All things should stem from love, and love does not birth fear, judgment, nor intolerance. There is no point in getting angry when someone passes judgment on you. All you should really feel is sadness, because that person constantly lives in fear both consciously and subconsciously. When you view things from a true place of love, you embrace all, and in turn a place of understanding. And when you truly understand, that is where you are whole, because you have gained everything that others have not. That my dearest friends is called Empathy.

The Ghost Town Chap. 1–By Jennarose Weil 4th grade

It all began the year 2027. My friends joined me for an adventure to ghost town. My four friends were Itzy, Jesiah, Liza, and of course Berince.

I loved all of my friends…

I was 19, and my friends and I decided to take a road trip. Jesiah drove because he was the only one with the license. We got into the car, and drove to a place called ChurchVille, California. When we arrived it was empty. The bench chairs were old, and the stairs to a church were wrecked. We sat down and someone spooked us. He was an old man with grat hair. His clothing was those of a priest. We asked his name, but he did not answer. Instead he answered in Morse Code.

“I got this, guys!” I said.

So I listened to his tapping. I told my friends, “He said ‘come to ghost town'” I was confused and so were my friends. Jesiah said, “I think he meant to say ‘welcome to ghost town’.”

The sun went down as we sat in the old church. It was scary and old. We heard a sound, we all looked at each other, because we were the only ones there…

Your Love Story 

Our own bodies speak of a love poem. Where your kundalini travels to join with it’s soul mate consciousness. Be the one that unites these energies and within your own body. You would have accomplished the greatest love story of all time: Wholeness 💜⭐🌟💫

What We Think–Becomes. Manifesting In Your Daily Life!

Manifestation post

What is manifestation?

In short, it is the embodiment of our thoughts: What we think; becomes.
Some people can manifest things strongly and quickly than others. However, what we all have in common is the power we put into “negative manifestations”.
When we’re having a “bad day”, haven’t you noticed that “bad” things, after “bad” things keep happening? Why? That’s because when the first bad thing happens, we choose to feed into it. Now, at first it doesn’t feel like a choice we’ve made, but that’s because we’re human and it’s hard for us to accept that we’re responsible for most of the things that happen to us. But…everything is a choice; we not only manifest, but we feed into them too.

Like all things there is a solution!

When we practice on taking a moment to redirect our thoughts and what we want to embody in our day, you will be able to feel the shift. A change that will feel more positive with a sense of relief from negativity and negative occurrences.

Tips On Manifesting Your Thoughts!

When you wake up think about what you want to manifest in your day.
  • Feel and Believe as if its already happened. Look in the mirror and BELIEVE that you are Happy! Believe that you are having a wonderful day.
  • Feel Loved! Feel and Believe that you love yourself, and that everyone around you loves you back.
  • Be Grateful! The feeling of gratitude is a very powerful vibration that is recorded very intensely in the universe .

Manifestation is the idea that you are already living it!

For those who love to pray

Manifestations in prayer are very powerful, but you must know how to manifest in prayer.
For example, If someone you know is sick (as you pray for them) do not picture them in the state that they are currently in, and asking for their health. On the contrary, when you pray for their health, picture them healthy, happy, and cured! Same goes for whatever you want to manifest in prayer.

Manifestation & Action

Now, yes, belief is behind everything you do in life in order for it to be successful, but the other important ingredient to manifesting is…you guessed it–Action!
Ever heard that expression, “No opportunity will come knocking at your door?” Well, they’re right!
When manifesting not only do you believe it, but you must act on it as well.
For example, If you’re manifesting on finding a new job and getting hired, not only do you believe that you will get hired, but you must take action: building and sending out resumes, filling out applications. You must be active on helping the universe carry out its power. Nothing can happen without you. This theory is everywhere even in religion, hence the saying, “God helps those, who help themselves!” You must partake in your manifestation by committing action!

Level of Difficulty:

It is easier said than done! Only because we are creatures of habit, and when you’ve followed a LONG path of negativity. It can be difficult to completely shift ones thoughts into positive ones, over long period of time. Goes without saying, you are allowed for bad days, cause heck we’re only human, but I urge you that let the positive be more powerful than the negative. Let their be more positive occurrences than negative.
To open yourself to this perspective I would recommend watching the documentary or reading the book: The Secret
This is a great way of opening your mind to this philosophy!
Everything in this life takes a certain level of dedication and changing your life into a more positive one takes discipline. We are fascinating creatures and we can obtain pretty much anything we set our minds to. So it begs the question:
What are you waiting for?

The God that I Love Is Not

The God that I love; his will stems from love. I don’t fear him, but respect him. If he is our father, why should we fear him? When does unconditional love entitle us to feel fear? I refuse to believe that God would toss his children into the flames. When we do that all by ourselves with the actions we commit to our fellow man. We ourselves are self- damaging.

If we are supposed to be made in his image, shouldn’t everything be from a place of unconditional love and free of judgment?

In church, when I hear them speak about God, they make him sound like a scary (if I don’t get my way I’ll burn you) cruel God. How can they make him sound like such an intolerable force? When tolerance is where empathy stems from, and within empathy is understanding. I refuse to believe that He could be cruel, and only loving when you blindly follow him like a sheep.

The love of a parent is accepting ,even if the lifestyle and belief is different from yours, because if your love comes with conditions, then it really isn’t pure love, now is it? So how can God not accept all, even if they don’t all follow the “rules”?

I believe he is a lot more kinder, loving, and understanding than humans make him appear to be. The ones who are wrong here are humans and their fear. With fear comes judgment, and cruelty of anything different from what they think. Those who accuse with certainty are the ones who are wrong. Those who use sacred text to install fear are wrong. Those who choose to interpret what they read to scream out judgement are the ones that are wrong.

God is unconditional, and those who shed out conditions need to research the true definition of unconditional.

Accept what has been done

What does it mean to be broken?

It means to sit in your emotions; no matter how ugly they are, or how terrible it feels. To own them, because they belong to you. So, that you can embrace them, heal them, and then let them go.

Being broken is cuddling those emotions caused by others and changing them into pieces that fit into you; to make you stronger– not fearful, but wise. Your scars are not to make you hide from the world, or to be afraid of others, but as a reminder that you’ve endured and you came out as a warrior. Wear those scars proud! For you have slain every negative emotion you could’ve chosen to be consumed by.

Hold not anger to those you feel have broken you, for they themselves are the ones who are broken, but unlike you, choose to be fixed. They are afraid and consumed by their own negative emotions, and as that famous saying goes, “Misery seeks company.”

Being broken is not being afraid to take your path alone and outgrow those who chose to stay behind. It is using your injuries to become who you were always meant to be. It is fuel! Fuel to fill in the cracks with self-love!

Being broken is just the beginning of your transformation!

Don’t be afraid to love again

Don’t be afraid to trust again

Don’t say, “Because I’ve been hurt in the past.”

Accept what has been done, not because it was the right, but because with accepting what was done to you, you can move on, and the relationships of the future won’t suffer because of it. Acceptance doesn’t have to be weakness, but like being broken, it is motivation to be a better version of ourselves.

So! So what you’re broken! Embrace them and break through the darkness!

For even if you’re at your lowest, the only way is up!

Take comfort that you are not alone, but take pride that you are one of the few that will rise from the ashes that were left of the old you.

Embrace your path

Embrace your Transformation